Objective 1:

Stimulate open-access research that enables innovation in alternative protein field (cultivated meat, fermentation and plant-based food)

Objective 2:

Organize events that generate awareness and excitement, propel innovation, and cultivate new ideas around alternative proteins.

Objective 3:

Build a fun, fulfilling, and inclusive community for students and researchers interested in alternative proteins.

Tomorrow (December 1, 2021) at 4 p.m. CET Ivana Podunavac, co-founder of @AltBiosense, will give a presentation📈 at the 7TH INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ON CULTURED MEAT (ISCCM) entitled: "Lab-on-a-chip approach for biomass impedance-based sensing in microbioreactors ".🤩


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We are a student initiative supported by:

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