Objective 1:

Stimulate open-access research that enables innovation in alternative protein field (cultivated meat, fermentation and plant-based food)

Objective 2:

Organize events that generate awareness and excitement, propel innovation, and cultivate new ideas around alternative proteins.

Objective 3:

Build a fun, fulfilling, and inclusive community for students and researchers interested in alternative proteins.

Fifth online journal club (OJC5) - done ✅

Congratulations to the students, you did a great job 👏

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The COMMUNALT project starts soon, stay tuned❗️🙃

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At our fourth online journal club (OJC4)📚, student Nada Davidović gave a presentation related to the fourth lesson of the @GoodFoodInst online course.🤓
Also, we had a guest - Dr. @ivanagadjanski, student group scientific advisor👩‍🔬.


The third online journal club (OJC3)📚 - successfully completed ✅

👏Congratulations to the students Bojana Jaksic, Sara Damjanovic and Nikolina Vasic who nicely prepared their presentations related to the third lesson of the @GoodFoodInst online course. 🤓


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